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While we believe it is important to monitor risk, it is also important for successful wealth accumulation to take advantage of opportunities through continuous research and assertive investment behaviour.

Your adviser will discuss your objectives with you, your plans and expectations for the future and your personal priorities to develop the most appropriate wealth accumulation strategy for you.


Star Financial Services can offer you a host of superannuation options, including different products and investment strategies. We can also assist you in selecting a superannuation strategy for you that is flexible, efficient and cost-effective.

You can also discuss how much you will need to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement and tailor an investment plan accordingly.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a time in which personal and financial security, relaxation and peace of mind are important. It is likely that during this time you will require financing for your living expenses, travel, leisure activities and possibly health needs.

With the constant changes in Government legislation affecting social security and superannuation, you may not be aware of the strategies available to you to maximise your assets and income in retirement. Your Star Financial Services adviser can help you navigate through the complexities of retirement planning and tax free income streams, to achieve the secure self-funded lifestyle you would like in retirement.

Wealth protection is as important as its creation, and much easier and quicker to achieve. For further information and an assessment of your own personal needs, contact Star Financial Services.

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