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If you are self-employed or in a small partnership, your ability to operate your business is imperative to its success. Without you, the business may struggle to operate, yet its associated expenses will continue. This type of cover ensures that the portion of your business expenses for which you are responsible will be able to be met should you be temporarily unable to work due to injury or illness. Business Expenses insurance generally reimburses you for certain regular business expenses, such as rent, utilities, lease costs, and depreciation. It is important to note that not all expenses will be covered. This can help to cover your fixed business costs and keep your business afloat while you are recuperating. Generally, this type of insurance can cover up to 100% of eligible expenses up to the chosen benefit amount. The maximum benefit payment is for one year’s expenses. The reason is that if you are disabled for longer than one year the business would be disposed of or restructured in some way.

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Taking out insurance is sound financial management. Wealth protection is as important as its creation, and much easier and quicker to achieve. For further information and an assessment of your own personal needs, contact Star Financial Services.

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