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A key person’s death or disablement can result in a financial loss more disastrous than any loss of, or damage to, physical assets. Material things can always be replaced or repaired. When a key person dies or is disabled they are lost to the business forever, which can create the following immediate financial problems for the business:

Asset Preservation

Without the security provided by the key person, the business may be forced to sell assets to maintain cash flow if creditors press for payment and debtors hold back payment. Customers and suppliers may lose confidence in the business and loans may be called in.

Loss of revenue and replacement costs

Revenues often fall following a departure of a key person, and losses can result while finding and training a suitable replacement, if adequate successors can in-fact be found.

The Solution

Availability of significant cash reserves often presents a funding problem. Business Protection insurance can provide the required cash on a key person’s death, disablement or on diagnosis of a major medical condition and at only a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as asset sales, borrowing funds, etc.

Asset protection can provide the business with significant cash to preserve its asset base, repay debts, free up cash flow and maintain its credit rating and Revenue protection can compensate for the loss of revenue and associated replacement costs if something unforseen happens to a key person.

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Taking out insurance is sound financial management. Wealth protection is as important as its creation, and much easier and quicker to achieve. For further information and an assessment of your own personal needs, contact Star Financial Services.

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